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When I am seeking an answer or guidance, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim said to hold her book, Seven Steps to Inner Power, put it close to my heart and ask my question. Then she said that when I am ready, open it and read the message to find my answer there. I have tried this and it works! I gained benefits from the message I received. I asked my question regarding making time for myself since I have been having a hard time dealing with my busy schedule. I wanted to find out how can I find time for myself because every time I try, I end up working on different projects. However, I know that no matter how busy I get, it’s important to take time from my schedule to focus on myself. But it is not as easy as it sounds.

When I open the book, the message was, 

“An effective way to make time for this important inner work is to start booking appointments with yourself. When you have an important meeting, you clear your schedule. Schedule a meeting with yourself and give yourself the same dedicated time. Claim this time as your own. Value yourself enough to set aside an hour to review and evaluate what’s happening in your life, to reflect back, to look yourself in the eye, and to commit to what you need to do moving forward.”

Wow, it is exactly the message that I need. It makes sense. I realized that I have to learn to recognize the importance of finding time for myself by treating it like a real appointment. I find out how simple it is to apply this with the new given perspective I gained from reading Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s book.

I am learning also how to spend quality time with myself that helps me gain inner and outer strength, motivation and accomplishments. I highly recommend building this habit of setting appointment to yourself for those that are struggling to fit it in their schedule. Do your self and other a favor and find your “you” time!

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