Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families

Black Belt Club

The Black Belt Club is dedicated to training students to become leaders, not only in the martial arts, but in their lives as well. The focus is on Lifetime Leadership Development.

Students who demonstrate commitment and dedication to achieving their Black Belt rank are invited to join the Black Belt Club. They demonstrate their commitment as they strive to improve themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Qualities of Black Belt Club candidates:

  • Those who show respect to adults at all times, on and off the dojang floor.
  • Those who volunteer to help keep the dojang clean & uncluttered.
  • Those who can be found practicing their techniques before & after class.
  • Those who are focused on improving their school grades with their own self discipline and determination.
  • Those who maintain a positive mental attitude even in the face of challenging situations.
  • and more!

Enrollment in the regular Jung SuWon program is required.