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Perhaps the most discernible indication of yin and yang in action is change.  The motion of the two forces of yin and yang in the world are seen in rhythms of change such as day and night, the ebb and flow of the tides, the changing of seasons, birth and death, death and rejuvenation, seed and harvest.

 There are also rhythms of change in our own bodies.  There is a lot of writing about biological rhythms, stages of heightened and diminished energy that can affect our well-being and frame of mind.  Some studies have helped employers create work shifts that integrate with these rhythms for the benefit of the greater whole.  If you look closely, you will see that there are also rhythms of change in other parts of your every day life.  Times of progress are followed by rest, followed by increase.  Furthermore, times of accomplishment are followed by absence followed by a feeling of abundance, elation is followed by sadness followed by happiness, and so on rhythms like this are always continuing.

 Why is the knowledge of balance and change so important?  Because when you know that there are cycles of change, you evade accepting limited or negative conditions as permanent or final. No matter where you are in a cycle, the seed for the new condition is there.

 Just because that seed is present, though, does not mean it will develop on its own.  Change itself is a journey, and at times it requires us to do some trimming and pruning, planting and harvesting.  In the cycle of seed and harvest, for example, the harvest does not arrive automatically.  The farmer must work the land, plant the seeds, and provide the water.  When you seek change, you must do the work of choosing to bring about the change and then support your choice with the correct actions.

 It’s easy to want to turn a bad condition into a good one and to make the choice to do so. But what about when a good condition changes into a bad one and you didn’t choose that.  The knowledge of balance and change is a tool here as well.  That knowledge helps you keep your perspective when changes you didn’t expect end up happening.

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