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I’ve been thinking a lot about efficiency and time management the past few months. In the modern and digital world, we are inundated with an overload of information. We have access to different social media platforms, access to information online and current events happening all over the world. We can use this as an advantage for ourselves or it can be a detriment to our goals.

I’ve noticed there are times where I just browse the internet and look up different things, whether it is related to news, events or celebrities. At times, I realize that I get caught up daydreaming or wondering what it would be like to be a celebrity. Sometimes this can lead to complaints or negativity. I’ve come to realize that this is all noise and is a waste of time. Rather than spending my time daydreaming or being romantic about my views on life or what I feel to be the way it should be, I should be putting in the work to achieve my goals and dreams. The time I am thinking about other “things” is a waste of my time and will take me further away from achieving my goal. Instead of all that, I need to spend more time working on my goals.

My mentor Tae Yun Kim talks to me about having clarity in my goals and also having a one point focus. I need to be precise about what exactly I want in my life. Once I set my mind on it, I take the necessary steps and actions to work towards my goal. In addition to that, she teaches me about one point focus. The ability to have “tunnel vision” and block out all the noise and negativity. When those other distractions settle in, it hinders me from achieving my goals and can potentially affect adversely to never be able to achieve my goal. Both of these attributes are honed during my martial arts training through vigorous training and meditation. I’ve learned to hone in on these skills and I encourage everyone to practice on their own. Discipline does not happen overnight but is a habit that needs to be continually practiced.

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