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We are excited to announce the Jung SuWon Warrior of the Month.

His name is Javier Jovel. You may have seen him training on the floor with his brother or contributing help at various events that Jung SuWon has been participating in, but here are some interesting things about him.

Javier joined Jung SuWon on May 9th 2014. In the beginning, Javier and his brother, Jorge, wanted to join Jung SuWon because it seemed like an exciting activity but he realized it was so much more beneficial to him and his family.

Before Jung SuWon, Javier often had disagreements and fights with his brother and family. But since the two brothers have joined Jung SuWon and trained together, they have improved their relationship and get more bonding time when training together outside the dojang. Javier also says that schoolwork is very difficult but coming to Jung SuWon keeps him elevated and encouraged to do well. Through Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s teaching at Jung SuWon, he has learned how to forgive family, gain control of his anger, and is more motivated to advance academically.

Javier’s recently received his red belt at the 116th Testing Cycle. His goal at testing is to get his black belt. He also won 1st Place in Forms and Sparring Division during the 44th National Martial Arts Championship Tournament.

Outside of Jung SuWon, Javier enjoys doing things with his father. He goes fishing, hiking, hunting, and sometimes helps him with his business as an auto mechanic. At school he also enjoys playing basketball and is even learning how to breakdance!  If you happen to see Javier at Jung SuWon, be sure to congratulate him on becoming the Jung SuWon Warrior of the month!

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