Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families

The Jung SuWon Code of Ethics was specially designed by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  It combines the wisdom passed down for thousands of years and Grandmaster’s own wisdom and knowledge gained over many years of training and teaching.

As a Jung SuWon Warrior,

I will strive to merge my Body and Mind as One. 

So that I may discover the Truth about my strengths and weaknesses.

  And work to attain Purity of body, mind, and spirit. 

I will learn to Love myself,

and maintain Loyalty to my goals and purpose. 

I will learn to Sacrifice in order to achieve these goals. 

And seek Patience in my ways,

so that I may ultimately become the Master of my Life.

By applying this code to your daily life, we can learn to develop ourselves to our fullest so that we can achieve all the things that we want in our lives.

In Seven Steps to Inner Power Book written by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, she teaches, ” Each step, one leading to the other, becomes an affirmation and a reminder of your commitment to becoming our most authentic and powerful self in the face of any challenge or obstacle. As you will see, you can apply these affirmations and ways of living to any goal in your life.”

So today, let’s talk about Body, Mind, and Spirit as One!

Typically, our emotions and attitudes are largely affected by our environment.  Many of our behaviors, beliefs, choices and opinions we have were formed by your parents, school, work and social environments.  Training at Jung SuWon helps us discover our true, original self, who we are truly destined to be.  During this discovery process, we experience new feelings and emotions and we begin to understand how the energy from our environment affects us and is spread.  We learn how to discipline our mind so we can avoid situations and control negative feelings and emotions as we take charge of your life.

As we discipline our mind, we must also discipline our body to conform to our mental objectives.  Doesn’t a healthy tree produce healthy fruit?  When our thoughts are healthy, our body reflects this condition.  Conversely, when we are ill, it may be helpful to examine our state of mind and beliefs, as well as our environment, to locate the cause of your illness.

The more we practice uniting your body and mind as one in your daily life, the healthier and happier we can become.

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