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Are you easily distracted? Do you allow stress consumed you? Do you need the inspiration to learn how to focus so you can achieve your dreams and goals in life? This success story from one of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s student shares his journey in training. Read on! This will give you a jump start to feel motivated!

Greg Dumas started training in 1993. He is been training for over 25 years! He is a  Chief Technical Officer for an Engineering Services firm. Every day, he helps industrial customers produce the electricity, the water, the pharmaceuticals, the chemicals each of us take for granted in our lives.

Every day, he makes sure that our engineers are confident and knowledgeable when they deal with managers and engineers at power generating facilities, or medical drug manufacturers, or natural gas pipeline operators. He makes sure that their customers, the managers, and engineers at these plants, trust our engineers and him; that they assess we are improving their situation and that they go home at night early without worrying.

It’s a stressful job.

One of the many things he loves about training is that when he leaves work and go to Jung SuWon, he has a heavy weight on his shoulders. When he leaves Jung SuWon, the weight is lifted, he feels refreshed and instead of feeling stress, he has a smile on his face.

In his own words, Greg Dumas shares with us how training helps him to focus.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s training at Jung SuWon helps me bring my body and mind together so that I act with focus, purpose, determination and confidence in all areas of my life.

We, humans, are incredibly complex. Having a separate body and mind allows us to experience choice and a degree of free will; but, being separate, also means we can lose focus, determination, and purpose! We get determination and commitment from our spirit; our silent master. These words are not a belief; they are born of experience.

The number of stripes on my black belt has no meaning to me. Stripes on my belt do not compel me to get my butt to the DoJang, do not compel me to spend hours away from my family, do not compel me to remember student’s names, nor to be stern with them when I must.

I come to Jung SuWon  because the people there inspire me to be focused and achieve goals in our lives. When I partner stretch with Master Sojourner, I am centering myself – and him- on our health, on our comradeship. When I watch the skill of Master Palmer and Ms. White, I become excited; their actions look like fun; I want to do them; I am compelled to stay healthy and endure the pain of stretching. When I assist Master Peoples, I think about bravery and skill. I am grateful for this incredible environment.

Most of all, when I think of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, I learn; I think; I see fundamental mechanics of the universe; I see human spirit at its finest. I lose fear. For example, in my last testing, I was very nervous. I am not young; I am not the most skilled; I was specifically worried about the breaks.  until I saw Great Grandmaster on testing day. Then, I relaxed and tested for my new dan effortlessly. I am deeply thankful to Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.”

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