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We started our weapon class again and it was a great success!

In class tonight, we conducted the Bong Class.
We have all ages; young warriors starting at age 5, teenagers, moms and dads!

What is a Bong Class?

Bong, also known as ‘staff,’ is a basic traditional weapon used and developed before steel weapons.  

Made original from wood or bamboo, the bong offers an individual extended reach, advance coordination, increases strength, and extreme focus & precision.  

The bong is considered a tool for a Jung SuWon warrior. In this program, students will advance their understanding of their body and develop a deeper relationship of the natural resources and the world around them.

BENEFITS  Advance Coordination

 Advance Self-Defense

 Improve Techniques

 Increase Awareness

And more…

Also, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim offers Private Classes in California and Oregon!

Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy provides many different programs! Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim and Master Instructors offer private classes in both California and Oregon. These classes are very popular in the surrounding cities like Medford, Oregon; Applegate, Oregon; Jacksonville, Oregon; Central Point, Oregon; Grants Pass, Oregon, and Fremont, California; Milpitas, California; San Jose, California; Cupertino, Silicon Valley California; and more!

What is a Private Class?

It is a one-on-one session for students who want to further their training by focusing on a specific technique, form or sparring.  Private classes are designed so that the student will receive immediate feedback and advice on how to improve, which helps accelerates the students training. One private class is equivalent to about a week’s worth of regular classes because of the student-teacher ratio.

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