Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families

Great Grandmaster Tae  Yun Kim teaches us the tools for success in life. I believe all of us have dreams and goals that we want to achieve in our lifetime. What we do about it determines the result. Many times, I have set great goals and desire in order to achieve my goals.I am learning that the key is not about the intention alone and in fact, wishing and wanting won’t bring any result either. However many times, I did find myself just under the apple tree, waiting for the fruit to fall without making any effort or doing whatever it takes to harvest the fruit. I am learning that everything is about taking action and taking every step that we are willing to make in order to reach our goals. Working hard, consistency, sacrifice, focus and unswerving determination is the top on the list. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim guides me into learning how to be loyal to my dreams and goals by working hard and taking every necessary step in order to succeed.

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