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As you read through this try to think about how important it is to identify the specific details of your life goals.

Now that you have the freedom to create and you’ve studied the law:  what you think, you create.  The fourth principle of mental conduct calls on us to engage the potential of our conviction and, as importantly, to use our power responsibly in calling this law.

 When you decide it’s time for you to make a change, achieve a goal, or create something new in your life, first be sure to focus your objective with clarity in your mind and be specific.  At my seminars, I ask the participants to write down their specific goals.  Many times, what they write is too general and unclear.  You have to be explicit, writing down and envision the exact details of what you want to accomplish.

 The thought “I desire a transformation in my social life” will take form somehow, but it may be so ambiguous and blurry that you won’t notice a change.  “I desire to meet more people” is better.  “I desire to meet more people who share my passion for flying airplanes (or whatever your hobby is)” is better still.  If your goal is to become so accomplished in your profession that you receive an accolade of some kind, jot down the name of the awards ceremony, the date and time it’s taking place, the location of the venue, and the dress or suit you’ll be wearing.

 Focus as precisely as possible on what you want to achieve.  As I said earlier, when you want to purchase a car, you pinpoint the type of car you want and the make, model, color, and accessories you desire.  When you take a vacation, you plan out exactly where you want to go, where you will stay the night, and how you will get there, and you proceed to make all the proper arrangements.  You are being specific, aren’t you?  The even greater goals in your life warrant as much care and focus, don’t they?  Know the details about the goals you want to reach and the steps you’ll need to take to get there.  Be specific and then focus your will and unflinching determination behind your purpose.

 If you connect with what you’ve read here you might enjoy the book I wrote SEVEN STEPS TO INNER POWER, where I talk about other life experiences and what I’ve learned in the process.