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We covered the first and the second Code Of Ethics from the previous blog. Today, we will go over the third one, Purity!

As the truth about our inner self becomes clearer, we must clean and purify ourselves. We have to work hard in order to remove the dirt and grime that we have accumulated inside for so long.  Often, there are lifetimes of accumulated problems and weaknesses inside of us.  We routinely wash our body because we have a natural desire to remove anything foreign from our physical being.  When we reject foreign, limited concepts about ourselves, we are expressing purity.  We don’t want our consciousness to hold “poisons” and impurities, such as laziness, fear, depression, lack of confidence, anger, resentment and jealousy because they may take the form of physical disease, including high blood pressure, heart attacks and migraines. You might ask, why would these impurities takes form in physical disease. Remember, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim talks about our body and mind as one. There is no separation. 

Talking about cleanliness, it is, in fact, important to keep our surroundings organized and tidy to reflect the collectiveness of our mental state as well. How can we have a collective mind if we allow our physical surrounding to be dirty and unorganized, and vice-versa? So, during this Springtime focus on spring cleaning both internally and externally. How? Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim said that when we clean our environment, we can focus on cleaning our mind too! For example, as you throw away your trash, also focus on getting rid of all your bad habits! As you purge your unused items, you can purge all your negative habits, too! Go ahead, take the time to sort your clean and dirty belongings just as you can focus on sorting your weaknesses and strength and work on how you can continue to improve!!!

Cleansing will bring us great health and balance of our body, mind, and spirit! Let’s focus on purity!!!

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