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Today we talk about a great young warrior, 10 year old Sirish, who tested from purple to blue belt.

Sirish pose

Like so many younger siblings, Sirish was shy, and always felt like he was in the shadow of his brother.  But since he has started training in the Martial Arts at Jung Suwon, under Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, he has turned into a great young warrior in his own right!


Here are the goals he set at his testing, as you can read on his drawing below:

to focus

to have more confidence

to get better grades in school

to be patient

to be less lazy



(If you had a hard time reading handwriting:

Hello, my name is Sirish Nutakki.  I have been training at Jung Suwon for about 2 years and 5 months.  At Jung Suwon I have learned many important things that I try to apply to daily activities.

One of the things I learned at Jung Suwon was to focus.  When I focused I did things a lot better and faster.  After that I started to get a lot more free time to do anything I wanted to do. Focusing also taught me how to do things without getting distracted.

Another thing I learned at Jung Suwon was to be more confident. When I was more confident life became a lot easier to handle.  I spoke more to other people and in oral reports I spoke louder and clearer so people could understand.

Jung Suwon has helped me in many ways like being focused and having more confidence.  But sometimes I’m not focused and don’t have confidence.  That’s why being focused and having more confidence are still my goals.

Sirish lighthing candle

Sirish is lighting his candle, symbolizing setting his goals for his next belt rank

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim helps her students accomplish their goals inside and outside of the DoJang.

Let’s give Sirish a big hand for accomplishing so much already, and for being determined to keep going!



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