Jung Suwon Martial Arts

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Here are some fun facts between Korea and America. 

Dial Emergency:               911 (USA), 119 (Korea)

Dial Information:             411 (USA), 114 (Korea)

Waving goodbye:            Wave hand side to side (USA), rotate hand left right (Korea).

Open up a banana:          From the stem (USA), from the tip (Korea)

Apple on a plate:             Stem up (USA), stem down (Korea).

Traffic lights:                     Verticle (USA), Horizontal (Korea)

Police lights flashing:    Emergency (USA), Standard operation (Korea)

Meals:                             One large plate (USA), many small dishes (Korea)

Asked are you hungry:  Yes means yes (USA),  No means yes (Korea).

Asked if you are full:      Yes means yes (USA), Yes means no (Korea).

And finally I think we have found the key reason for these seemingly opposite behaviors:

Location:             One side of the planet (USA), the other side of the planet (Korea)