Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families

In my Jung SuWon training under Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim I learned about self confidence and later on I learned about self esteem!  Through the positive and supportive Jung SuWon Martial Art Training environment of the Dojang I was able to gain self confidence first.  I learned that Yes I can do it.  Yes I could make it through the physical portion of the class.  I learned that I could increase my flexibility and stretch further and further.  I could kick higher and higher.  I could jump higher and longer.  I could break a board and I could break a brick.  This all contributed to my “self confidence”.  In a positive supportive environment Yes I could do it. 

The next level became “Self Esteem”.  I started to really “feel good” about myself.  The self confidence I gained by my physical improvement boosted my self esteem.  If another peer was to “call me a name” or critisize me it no longer “hurt” emotionally.  In fact it became almost foreign.  I was starting to really know who I was and to know what I could do and it was “all good”!  So if someone told me otherwise I actually knew that they were wrong.  Their comments didn’t bother me rather they shed insight into the attitude of the person issuing the comment.  In essence I was seeing things more clearly. 

This learning was incredibly refreshing.  Wow to finally be free of other peoples negative attitudes and negative perspectives was out of this world.

Don’t get me wrong.  I learned a lot about my own strengths and my own weaknesses.  I also knew what my weaknesses were.  I could acknowledge my weaknesses and embrace them as fuel to improve myself. 

So much depends on our attitude and the perspective we choose to rule our thinking… but that’s another post for sure!

Maybe the greatest thing that I ever learned from Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim was why it is important to have a good attitude!  This definately another post for sure!