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Seven Steps to Inner Power, Author Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, page 25:

Learn from your mistakes

Second paragraph says:  “Here’s the fact about mistakes.  They are part of a natural feedback system in learning a task or accomplishing a goal.  That’s all.”

In my martial arts training I have found that when confronted with mistakes I often react defensively almost automatically, almost as if it was a training reflex – a natural habit that’s hard to break.    From the book Seven Steps to Inner Power by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim I am learning that I can guard against this habitual reaction to my mistakes.  I can open a non judgmental ear and a self compassionate ear to welcome constructive feedback.  The deeper I have thought about this technique of self examination, the more I uncover the power that lays within it. 

“Mistakes are your feedback system”. 

If you are a programmer I guess you could say mistakes are the bug reports.  Read them in detail then you can fix the bugs and run smoother!