Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families

Jung SuWon” means the uniting of body, mind and spirit in total harmony

The example/story that I try to help students understand the meaning of Jung SuWon training goes like this:  When you are sitting at home with your school books open trying to do your homework but your mind is elsewhere maybe thinking of having a good time with your friends… ask yourself “am I getting my school work done effectively”.  The answer will be a resounding “No”.  Then when you are out with your friends at the mall having a good time but deep in the back of your head you are saying to yourself… bummer I still have not done my homework… ask yourself am I really having a good time with my friends? 

In both of these situations our body and mind are in different places.  The solution is to put your body and mind together!  So when it’s time to do your homework – focus!  Put other thoughts out of your mind and totally focus on your school work.  You will get it all done in half the time and it will be done!  Then when it’s time to have fun with your friends you can totally focus on that time and fully enjoy it.  Therefor when we train Jung SuWon Martial Arts we are training our body and mind to focus together at the same time. 

While working out in Jung SuWon, doing forms and most intensely while sparring it is very diffucult for your mind to wander.  Therefore it is very easy to focus.  This training and learning environment at Jung SuWon thus becomes positive, inspirational and effective.  Students come to train at the end of the day after school or after work and perhaps start class out tired from a long day of stress.  Then after training they feel up lifted and actually have more energy! 

The art of Jung SuWon:  Body, Mind and Spirit in Total Harmony.