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On Saturday, January 7, 2017, Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy had the conclusion of the Black Belt Testing along with the Belt Ceremony. Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy is proud to announce 5 new Black Belt Warriors! Congratulations to Hardhi Shringeri, Chanakya Gulati, Sirish Nutakki, Bhavik Sardar and Akhila Vemuri. Through hard work and dedication, they have achieved the Black Belt rank at Jung SuWon Martial Arts Academy. These students have been training for over 6 years and their journey to Black Belt has helped them to become the people they are today.


Not only were they dedicated to training for over 6 years and coming to classes on a regular basis, they also went through a series of tests that challenged them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Everything they learned over the last 6 years was put to the test. They went through 3 days of being in the mountains with a sleeping bag and minimal food and water. This challenged them to push themselves and stretch out what they thought their limitations would be. Through their experiences, they learned about having gratitude for everything they have. They understood what it meant to appreciate food and water and shelter. In addition to that, they went through vigorous sparring exercises and forms and techniques.

At the end of the testing and ceremony, each one of them expressed what they learned over the years that they can apply to their lives in the present and in the future. They learned about having respect and gratitude. They learned how to face their fears and embrace challenges. They learned to not be afraid of trying new things. They learned about having confidence and being able to brand and market themselves. All of these lessons learned will help drive them to be successful throughout their lives.

Congratulations to these new Black Belt Warriors!

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me! Jung Su!