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Be inspired by these motivational quotes to positively influence your day and the rest of your life. These are powerful messages that have motivational and uplifting words of wisdom that can make a positive impact on your life and your success.

Find a quote that is meaningful to you, it may alter the way you think or just helps you look at issues in a more positive way. Place your favorite quote on your phone, computer, notebook, post-it on your desk, frame it on the wall or just wherever you can refer to it often.  

I encourage you to share this with your family and friends. If someone is having a bad day find some quotes and email them; it may just be the motivation they need to change their day!

#1 – “Self-Discovery means learning to live free”
This quote comes from Tae Yun Kims book The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within.  Many people live their entire lives never finding who they really are.  Learning about yourself and intentionally examining who you truly are, allows you to become more free than you ever felt possible.

 Find and ask yourself the important questions you want to be answered and then answer them yourself.

 Believing in yourself first will grant you the inner power youve been searching for.

 Our thoughts are raw forms of energy that manifest themselves in ways that arent always apparent to us.

This tells us that negative thought and doubting ourselves can be very self-limiting.

 Your attitude towards certain thoughts or actions is one of your strongest tools to hold in mind when looking internally for answers.

 #2 – Your own thoughts can be your worst enemy
This one we put second because it picks right up where our number one selection left off.

This quote also comes from one of Tae Yun Kim primary publications The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within originally released in 1994.

All too often we neglect to think about ourselves in a spiritual sense and instead focus on physical pursuits.

 Everyone has their own one of a kind power within them.

 Its important to consciously think about what it is we want to give power too.

Going through life in a stagnant manner can lead to feelings of hopelessness and loss of purpose.

 Being proactive about opportunities that we take for granted can affect the way we move through the world and effect all of the decisions we make.

 Next time youre worried about how stressed you are about your job, your marriage, politics, try to become more aware of what your true inner values are.

 #3- When you express purity which is the truth about yourself, you feel a love for yourself that is expressed by self-respect, self-esteem, and self-confidence

 We found this one in Tae Yun Kims work on Seven Steps to Inner Power: How to Break Through to Awesome.

 If you havent put it together yet, one of Tae Yun Kims biggest messages is that of self-love.

 Knowing yourself and loving yourself are very closely intertwined.

 Tae Yun Kim found out early in her life that martial arts was something she genuinely loved.

 Being able to recognize and fully understand what she loved about martial arts allowed her to experience a form of purity and genuine self-confidence that she hadnt come across before.

 Finding this purity” doesnt come easy. It requires actively searching out by yourself and digging deep to find out what makes you who you are.

 Becoming a grandmaster doesnt come easily. It requires an intense understanding of one’s self, as well as understanding the difference between physical power and inner power.

 #4 – To make a change, you must be: willing to commit, willing to change, willing to have an open mind, and willing to take action!

 Its important to understand that things wont simply come to you in life.

 Its up to you to seek out change in order to improve your environment.

 Its also important to understand that bringing this type of change requires a strong commitment.

 The path to living a happier and successful life comes with many hardships and struggles.

 Without a serious commitment, these changes may never come to fruition.

 You also have to be willing to accept things about yourself that may be challenging or unpleasant to accept.

 Accepting something about yourself is different from giving it power. Living in lies about yourself can lead to negative outcomes that dont reflect your true self, but instead reflects the part of you that represents fear.

 #5 – Realize that I Can’t usually means I won’t

 Another important message we found in The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within.

 What good does I Can’t” ever give to us when we think about our goals or where we want to be in life.

 How do you even know you cant if youve never tried something before, which often times is the case when we tell ourselves I Can’t”.

 By saying I Can’t” you decide to take yourself out of the equation.

 Even if you get the wrong answer at the end of the equation at least you still have an answer.

 Next time you have a similar equation you might be able to solve it drawing from your past experience.

 Learning about your own true inner power will give you a better ability to discern what you truly can and cannot do.

#6 – Before you can express love, you must find love. You must know love within yourself before you can give it to another. When you recognize or experience the truth about yourself you automatically feel love, because love is a quality of your true consciousness and true ideas.

 Love really is a word that means many things. It also can mean different things to different people.

 Self-love is often thought of as self-discipline.

 Taking time out of your day full of physical pursuits in order to self better yourself isnt always the most fun task in the moment.

 Most people would, very understandably, love to simply sit back and relax the day away if they had the choice.

 By getting up and telling yourself that you’re going to do something to better yourself and actually doing it, you feel an immense sense of self-worth and self-love by the end of it.

 Practicing inner power meditation is a key to finding love for yourself, and therefore love for the rest of your surroundings.

#7 – “Let go of self-condemnation and guilt

 Learning from our mistakes is a very good quality one can learn.

 However, learning from our mistakes is far different from self-condemnation and guilt.

 When you encroach on the toxic aspects of self-condemnation you will only lead yourself down a darker path.

 Accept that youve made a mistake, learn, and move forward.

 All too often we find our selves living in the past which by nature prevents us from looking to the future.

 While equally living in the future can lead to a negative outcome, what’s important is finding the proper balance through experiences and learning about yourself.

 Whats important is that we truly are always doing our best and not kidding ourselves pretending that we are.

 #8 – Maintain a forgiving attitude

 Taking again from The Silent Master: Awakening the Power Within we find a very simple, yet one of the most powerful messages.

 Without forgiveness, it would be hard for anyone to progress and grow over time.

 Everyone makes mistakes, likely many mistakes a day.

 We are always growing and becoming closer to the person we truly are.

 While it can be challenging to forgive others who have wronged us, its important to remember to forgive.

 Being able to forgive others will help you to free yourself from negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness.

 Remember that this doesnt just apply to external sources.

 Just as important as it is to forgive others, we must learn to forgive ourselves.

 #9 – Use your will to conquer fears and weaknesses

 Beating fear and overcoming weaknesses is one of the hardest things we will ever attempt in our lives.

 Fear comes naturally, its one of our base instincts that allows us to survive.

 Allowing that fear to have too much power however cant extremely hinder our own self-growth, and can even control our lives.

 Its solely up to us to tap into our will power to overcome what comes naturally to us.

 This is what Tae Yun Kim talks about when she speaks about inner power.

 Finding your inner power to take control of your own life.

 The more youre able to tap into this power the more youll be able to dictate what happens in your life, instead of letting life control you.

 #10 – Physical training is mental warfare

 Tae Yun Kim often talks about physical training being closely tied to mental training and conditioning in her book Seven Steps to Inner Power: How to Break Through to Awesome.

 Pushing ourselves physically is just as mental as putting a strain on our bodies.

 After all, our mind is apart of our body. The most important part of our body at that.

 Physically training your body is an amazing resource for self-discipline.

 You will often find that after physically exerting your body past its limits will fill you with an immense sense of satisfaction.

 Pushing yourself in this way is a physical representation of breaking past boundaries into new uncharted growth territory.

 Next time youre out on a jog, try pushing yourself a little farther just to see if you can do it. Then do it again.


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