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The Way of the Martial Arts Warrior – a deeper perspective for those of us ready to hear!

“Suppose I were to tell you that you are aware of only a limited portion of yourself, that you may not have yet discovered your self, your true self, and that you have yet to touch upon an enormous creative power within you that can reshape your life completely.” (Seven Steps to Inner Power, Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim).

The way of the martial arts warrior must be a continual onward march to face challenge and overcome.  We must understand the dynamics of growth and change.  When we get stronger we will be faced with heavier loads.  When we are faced with heavier loads we will be tempted to give in and make excuses.  When we change things will look different. 

Don’t ask for cake then complain your teeth need cleaning after you eat it.  Especially don’t complain if you don’t clean your teeth and you get cavities! Enjoy your cake – brush your teeth – then bake another cake!

Day 1 when we decided to start training martial arts we had to overcome the excuses of our current situation.  Once we feel the thrill of success we must not forget what it took to get there.  This is critical because the true reason we became successful was because of what it took and the effort we put in at that time. 

Delight in respect and honor.  Eat challenge for breakfast.  Digest Effort in your stomach.  Demand awareness from every angle. 

Refuse to twist the truth.  Seek wisdom and gain a deeper and wider understanding.   

Expect deception to come from yourself not from others.  When it comes from others it will be clear as day.  When it comes from yourself it will be dark as night.

Never think you are right but always pray from your heart and soul. 

Shout “Pil Seung – Certain Victory”!

After you declare “Can Do!” then do it now!