Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim teaches her students to have a purpose and determination.  For myself this translates to having a reason why I am doing something.  If I have a reason why I am doing something then I am able to rise above the circumstances that try to discourage me, slow me down or try to stop me.

I want to go training today because I want to become a strong person and I want to be disciplined.  Now with that reason if I am a little tired or feeling a little lazy I am able to rise above those feelings and get myself to the school, changed in my uniform and out on the floor.  I know that in the long run I am going to benefit towards my goal of becoming stronger and more disciplined.  I want my goal more than I don’t want to face the path to get there. 

I want to live so I will run out of the burning house.

Pil Seung!