Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families

I bet if we all wrote what our definition of martial arts is we would come up with a very similar response.  Inner strength, body, mind, spirit, balance, coordination, timing, self defense, self confidence, self esteem and more.  We would define the Master – Student relationship.  Getting up when you are knocked down.  Inner peace and harmony on the inside when there is stress and discord on the outside. 

Let’s all get on the same page now.  Let’s not compare one martial art style with another.  Let’s not say “My Kung Fu is better than your Kung Fu”.  Let’s focus on what we are learning and what we “take off the mat” with.  How do we grow and how are we a better person after our martial art class is over and we walk off the mat.    Let’s talk about something incredible that our master instructor taught us.  Let’s help others to join class and let’s all train together!

Pil Seung!  CAN DO NOW!