Jung Suwon Martial Arts

For Children, Adults and Families


Sparring is where we bring all of the martial art techniques we have learned together.  Sparring is where we face our fears and have to deal with our emotions.  Sparring is the ultimate training session for body, mind and spirit all together as one.  

Sparring with juniors:

When we spar with a junior belt (more specifically someone who is less skilled than ourselves) we should – come down to their level and then one step ahead.  We should help that student and push them just enough that they can learn and grow through the experience.  If we push them too much then we may damage their trust in us. 

Sparring with seniors:

When we spar with our seniors (more specifically someone who is more skilled than ourselves) we should prepare to be challenged.  We should work on our defense and practice how to get in while ready to get out quickly.  We should be prepared for the unexpected and to be challenged.  We should have a humble attitude and truly recognize who we are facing and their skill level.

Sparring with our peers:

When we are sparring with our peers (more specifically someone who is approximately as equally skilled as our selves) we should really have a good time!  We should push each other and do the best we can.  We should strive to perform our skills and give every effort in our performance.

There is a saying we have learned “if you are going to go swimming – be prepared to get wet”.  Similarly if you are going to spar – be prepared to get hit.  This saying should be taken within reason of course and within the context of who we are sparring with as outlined above, juniors, seniors, peers.

Pil Seung!